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Vintage Erotica - 1960s Retro Lesbians
On this blog you’ll find vintage erotica from the 1920s, antique smut from the 1800s, classic 1950s pin-ups, and 1970s retro porn – as well as some erotic art & literature, occasional musings, and now & then a bit of contemporary erotica. Basically designed as a companion to our main site, Delta of Venus Vintage Erotica – if you enjoy the stuff here, please do check it out.

We’re just getting started here but will be posting several times per week, so bookmark and stop back when you get a chance!

One comment on “About The Blog

  1. Hi,

    Im a Nigerian in my 30s and I grew up with porn all around me. I need to say thank you for the great pictures and videos. Im already a fan. Will surely visit daily!!!

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