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This little antique threesome dates back to pre-WWI Paris, during the period of relative prosperity and peace known as Le Belle Epoque (“The Beautiful Age”). Aside from being an era of scientific and artistic advancement, it also was characterized by fairly liberal social mores (at least for the time) that led in part to a fairly decent photographic record of brothel scenes like this one.

I love the center girl’s expression here – conspiratorial, but with something behind it that gives a sense of pathos and personality…

Antique Porn - Sex In Le Belle Epoque

An ‘oceanside’ fuck with moderate degree of difficulty. I’ve always wondered from this one – was the sea-themed mural painted specifically for porn shoots (seems unlikely, but you never know) or did this room have other non-risque uses? The truth is probably lost to the fogs of history…

Anyhow, the photo is from a Parisian series dating from the 1880s or 1890s.

Antique Porn 1800s - A Day At The Beach