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Got this lovely photo from a local dealer a few months ago – dating from the 1930s, gorgeous nude Japanesegirl reclining in front of a giant fan, blossoms in her hair and stocking’ed legs raised to show off supple thighs and a hint of her dark hairy pussy. A classic beauty from across the Pacific.

Just posted this and a couple hundred other “new” images from my collection over at the main site.

Antique Nudes 1930s - Vintage Japanese Girl with Stockings & Hairy Pussy

I’ve always loved this picture. Two German frauleins with their pyjamas strategically loosened, a pair of luscious natural tits, one beautiful round tender ass exposed, and a hand poised to strike said ass. Soft round feminine forms contrasted with an impending kinetic slap.

This is from a series of vintage spanking photos taken in the early 1930s, during the last years of the Weimar Republic. Rest of the series is available in the main Delta of Venus collection.

Vintage Erotica 1930s - Retro Spanking, Nice Breasts