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Just one shot from a nice girl-girlĀ series, one of a whole trove of vintage (late 1960s) lesbian mags we procured recently. Some really splendid stuff in them, if you like sexy & stocking’d young ladies caressing and licking and crawling all over each other. To the best of my knowledge that’s a popular concept. These girls look to genuinely be having fun too, always a bonus.

Modern Girls - Retro Lesbians

This one is from a great little vintage XXX booklet we just came across, featuring a lot of nice candid & raw sex shots (including a large number of well-executed closeups). Many of the girls really seem to be enjoying themselves. Just now have digitized them all and done the restorations, so they’re in the queue for posting later this month – enjoy this sneak peek!

Circa probably 1968 or 1969, publication was SoCal but it’s possible the images themselves came from across the pond.

Vintage Porn 1960s