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Continuing our Legends of Pinups theme from the Bettie Page post last week, here’s another renowned lady of the nudes – Joyce Gibson. Also photographed under the nomme de guerre Joyce Mandel (among others), she had one of those splendid combinations – a slender lithe body paired with curvy hips and one of the more magnificent pairs of buoyantly buxom breasts known to man. She was very active posing for girlie magazines throughout the 1970s, then after a hiatus returned in the 1990s as a voluptuous Lady Of A Certain Age. Not to be overlooked are her sensual lips, eyes like deep pools of mystery, and a lush black thatch between her thighs of the most powerful allurement!

This photo is from a magazine shoot for a small-scale skin mag in 1972 or 1973 (the name escapes me at the moment), part of a nice sized collection of hers we just acquired. Hope you enjoy, she’s one of our favorites here.

Joyce Gibson - Classic 1970s Busty Pinup

And we continue the busty theme from last week’s post with the fabulous Joyce Gibson. Getting her start as a go-go dancer in the late 1960s, Joyce (also credited as Joyce Mandel amongst other monikers) later branched out into glamour nude modeling and 1970s sexploitation flicks – Street Of A Thousand Pleasures, Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman, Ilsa – Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, et al. Later she went on to bit parts in more mainstream 1980s fare such as The Fall Guy and Night Court.

Glorious body with just the right curves in just the right places, and a certain exotic yet down-to-earth allure, she’s one of our favorite pin-ups from the early 1970s. Here we see her reclining upon some very 70s cushions, resplendent in all her stocking’d and voluptuous glory…

Vintage Pinups - Joyce Gibson Nude