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This one’s from a very nice little French photoseries dating sometime in the 1920s – two very willing mademoiselles, blowjobs and straight fucking, a bit of rope-play and light bondage, great stuff.

One of those that helps the vintage-porn-uninitiated realize our great-grandparents were fairly pervy after all…

Antique Porn 1920s - French Threesome

Ah yes, one of my favorite vantage points – white cotton panties viewed from behind, riding up to reveal the fringes of her furry pussy, dark hairs curling along the soft fabric and her inner thighs… yum.

This vintage nude is from a fairly extensive photoshoot from the late 1960s, all available of course at our main site.

Vintage Nudes 1960s - Retro Rear View, panties & hairy pussy