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Usually 1970s pin-up favorite Roberta Pedon is portrayed as the hippie-girl-next-door: all bellbottoms and beads, aviator shades and bandannas and big boobs.

Here however we get a glimpse of her elegant side, hair tastefully gathered, understated necklace, and playing with that timeless indicator of fanciness – a large feather. High class! The common denominator (and perhaps all that really matters) is her beautifully slender body contrasted with delectable and bodacious breasts. They simply don’t make ’em quite like this in 2014.

Roberta Pedon - Vintage & Busty

She’s been featured on these pages before, but far as we’re concerned there’s never “too much” Roberta Pedon. Many of her photoshoots go for the hippie cachet and costume her in bellbottoms, headband, beads and the like, but IMO she was at her best all-natural and unaccessorized. The focal point of this image isn’t remotely subtle (give the people what they want!), but it’s a nice shot nonetheless…

Vintage Pin-ups - Roberta Pedon, Nude & Busty