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This little antique threesome dates back to pre-WWI Paris, during the period of relative prosperity and peace known as Le Belle Epoque (“The Beautiful Age”). Aside from being an era of scientific and artistic advancement, it also was characterized by fairly liberal social mores (at least for the time) that led in part to a fairly decent photographic record of brothel scenes like this one.

I love the center girl’s expression here – conspiratorial, but with something behind it that gives a sense of pathos and personality…

Antique Porn - Sex In Le Belle Epoque

A ring of penises spews forth happily around the object of their affection in this 1700s erotic engraving by Antoine Borel and Francois Roland Elluin. They intentionally paid homage to the earlier style of Agostino Caracci, whose explicit etchings were some of the best known erotic art of the Italian Rennaissance.

I’d also point out that the vagina in question seems to be an inspiration for Peter Jackson’s Eye of Sauron in the LOTR films. “One Cunt to find them all…”

Vintage Erotic Art - Vagina & Assorted Penises

In a ranking of favorite 1970s pornstars, for us Brigitte Lahaie is at the top of the heap (probably tied with Annette Haven). Fabulous body with a perfect rack, and a very French charisma combined with a certain je ne sais quoi make her stand out from the crowd. While known more for her films (of which we’ve got a couple in our collection), she also can be found in a number of excellent erotic photos from the era, both softcore and pin-up styles and more explicit classic hardcore sets.

Ooh la la, indeed.

Classic French Pornstar - Brigitte Lahaie